President Biya Refuses To Face The Bishops Today And Sends Emmanuel Rene Sadi To Talk For Him

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  • Jul 10, 2017 at 10:24
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The highly awaited August Guest of today to the ongoing 11th Plenary Assembly of the Association of the Episcopal Conferences of Central Africa Region (AECCAR) His Excellency the President of Cameroon Paul Biya, will not be attending the Conference to address the Clergymen as was announced in their program on Saturday.

President Paul Biya was expected at the Yaounde Congress Hall, today July 10, 2017, where the Bishops are meeting under the Theme: 'ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue'. 

However, fresh reports from Yaounde relay that those waiting for Mr. Biya, will have to wait in vain, because neither Paul Biya, nor Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh will be any where near the Congress Hall, but rather , instead, Emmanuel Rene Sadi, Minister of Territorial Administration, will be sitting on his Red Leather Chair.

President Paul Biya, who was to be the Guest of Honour to the Prelates, was to address them among other subjects, on the crisis rocking the church, more especially the supposed drowning(according to official States report) of their colleague Bishop Jean Marie Benoit Bala of Bafia, at the Sanaga River.

The Assembly holding in the Yaounde Congress Hall under the Chairmanship of His Lordship Mgr Samuel Kleda regroups Bishops of the five Central African Region notably : Chad, the Central African Republic, Congo Brazaville, Gabon and Cameroon.

In a high Pontificated mass of yesterday July 9th 2017, officiated by His Lordship Archbishop Samuel Kleda in his double capacity as President of the Association of Episcopal Conferences of Central African  Region AECCAR, and President of the National Episcopal Council, the Chief Shepherd told Christians that this year's Theme: 'ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue' of the Conference  is based on the Social tension plaguing the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon, the war against Boko Haram affecting Cameroon and Chad among other countries, and  the civil war and conflict in the Central African Republic.

'As a church, we want to engage dialogue.  We are calling on everyone, Believers and men of goodwill, to come together and dialogue, to come together to build a society of peace, where men accept to live together'. The Chief Minister preached.

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