PITO MEDIA releases upgraded website of PITO.NEWS

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  • Jun 28, 2017 at 00:31
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We will empower the people to be self-sufficient through digital knowledge

PITO.NEWS’ upgrade this month shows progress by giving Cameroonians a new alternative for digital media that’s focused on community improvement, said PITO.NEWS founder Tchoutezim Tsangning.

Tchoutezim said, “Our mission is to improve the lives of our people, enrich the mind, expand the perspective and possibilities of our audience and become a catalyst for community change.” 

The founder's vision for PITO.NEWS, to develop an indispensable resource and essential public service for the community, moves forward another step.  While it may be difficult to see how a news site can benefit the community, the expansion signals progress.

“I’m investing in the future of Cameroon,” Tchoutezim said.  “It’s my ‘why.’”

Originally from Cameroon, Tchoutezim is a self-taught internet entrepreneur.  He said, “I am grateful for the things I have been able to learn, and I will use those things and my vision to help my people.”   

According to the World Bank, in 2015, their latest data show the poorest 20 percent of Cameroon’s population only received 4.5 percent of the distribution of income or consumption.  In addition, in 2014, 24 percent of Cameroon’s population struggled with a Poverty Headcount Ratio of $1.90 a day. This means that 24 percent of Cameroon’s people sustain their lives with $1.90 a day or less.  

“There are solutions to these problems,” said Tchotuezim, “And we will aspire to empower more people with the knowledge of entrepreneurship.” PITO.NEWS project aims to create 10.000 jobs in Cameroon within the next 5 years in various sectors of media and communication.

PITO.NEWS is the result of Tchotuezim’s dedication to learning digital media production and internet marketing.  “I am driven by the quest for knowledge that I couldn’t acquire through the conventional education system,” he said. 

 “We will empower the people to be self-sufficient through digital knowledge,” he said, “one step at a time.” PITO.NEWS is the new face; the future of digital media in Cameroon. 

Alan Soltys, PITO.NEWS

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