Hospital Ship Decks in Douala

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  • Aug 18, 2017 at 01:16
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Hospital Ship Decks in Douala

The medical mission is placed under the supervision of the First Lady, Mrs. Chantal Biya, and under the auspices of the Prime Minister, Philemon Yang. 

Over 4500 patients begin receiving medical care today through an operation that will end June 2018. The largest non-government hospital ship, Mercy Ships, arrived in Douala at about mid day yesterday.
On hand to welcome the medical team was Cyrus Ngo’o, General Manager of the seaport. A brief moment of exchange between the seaport authority and the captain of the mobile hospital, John Borrow, during which both men harped on their stay, took place in the watchful eyes of media men and women.

On the invitation of the President Paul Biya, the organisation will offer general and orthopaedic surgery, non cancerous deformity, plastic surgery, congenital abnormalities, obstetric fistula, cataract and dental care, among many other diseases. All care is free of charge. It is equipped with X-Ray, CT Scan, laboratory services and Nikon digital microscope for remote diagnosis. Onboard satellite communication system transmits diagnoses and other data.

In the course of their stay in the country, the humanitarian organisation will carry out its care mission under the supervision of the First Lady, Mrs. Chantal Biya, and auspices of the Prime Minister, Philemon Yang. Authorities of the Port Authority of Douala revealed that they will carry out some basic services during their 10 months stay such as regular patrols on land on sea, reinforce controls, potable water supplies, waste removal (medical waste, polluted oils, kitchen waste, waste water).
Built in Denmark in 1980 and acquired in 1999, the ocean-going vessel with a crew capacity of 474 measures 152 metres in length and 23.7 metres width. The vessel is divided into different compartments together occupying a surface area of about 1200 metres square. The hospital includes five operating theatres, recovery, intensive care, and hospitalisation wards, totalling 82 patient beds.

Source: Cameroon Tribune

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