Amazon may team with banks to offer checking accounts

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  • Mar 07, 2018 at 11:39
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Amazon may team with banks to offer checking accounts

The e-commerce giant is in talks with banks to create a new checking product, according to a report.

Amazon already teams up with banks to offer different credit cards. Now, it may be looking into creating checking accounts, too.

The online megastore is in early discussions with banks including J.P. Morgan and Capital One to develop a new checking product targeted for younger customers and people without bank accounts, according to a report Monday from The Wall Street Journal.

Amazon declined to comment on the story.

While the e-commerce company has jumped into a variety of new industries, including entertainment and shipping, it's unlikely to do the same with banking, the report said. Instead, it would likely partner with a bank on the new product, as it does with credit cards. 

The discussions are early enough, though, that it's still unclear whether an Amazon-branded checking account would ever launch, the report said.

Source: Cnet

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